The founders

papy-et-mamie-The founders of PSE, Christian et Marie-France des Pallières, live and work in Cambodia. Every year, they go back to France and neighbouring countries for 3 months for their tour. During the evenings organized by the volunteer branches, they make known the work of the association by showing a film about PSE and also through their moving words.

Christian is a member of the Council of Administration, playing his role as Administrator on the spot fully. In particular, he ensures the commitment towards the sponsors and the donors, as well as the ethics of PSE expressed in the Charter.

The Cambodian team


One of the chief priorities of PSE was to make the team, which worked at the grass roots, completely Khmer. The Cambodians must be the real performers in their country's development; it is the request of the Cambodian government, the wish of the founders and the assurance of the permanence of the programmes.

Today, the management team is 100% Khmer. The Programme Director, Pin Sarapich, has formed a highly motivated and qualified team around him. Each year, according to the fixed orientation, he proposes an action plan and budget for the next operation to the Board of Directors. Together with his team, he ensures the management and realization of the programmes.

In total, PSE has more than 450 employees: teachers, doctors, social workers, trainers in our Vocational Centre, IT specialists, maintenance workers, administrators etc. plus a good 100 social employees.

Our managing team in Phnom-Penh